Past Program: Inner Climate Lab, Fall 2019

The climate crisis we experience in the outer environment is intricately connected with the political and social climates, which are reflections of psychological patterns and dynamics inside each one of us. We call these psychological patterns and dynamics the Inner Climate. Inner Climate Lab is a research of how to respond to the climate crisis through developing agencies in influencing one’s Inner Climate.

In this lab, we worked on specific social issues related with climate crisis and investigated how expanding and deepening awareness of the self and system would influence our outer involvement and actions. Our driving inquiry was how to actively engage with intense emotional responses such as fear, disgust, anger and despair as prime opportunities to connect with deeper sources within, and infuse our actions with the power of this inner source. This deeper source is our inherent potential of wholeness rooted in inter-connectedness between past, present and future generations.

This research lab is a follow-up action from the 2019 Climate Change Conference (CCC) held at Findhorn. A large portion of the lab consists of CCC alumni.

These following blogs are written for the Inner Climate Lab’s research activities

Voyage into the Inner Climate (1) – Activism in a New Frontier

Voyage into the Inner Climate (2) – The Dance Between Inner and Outer

The Art and Science of Engaging Those Who Have Different Belief Paradigms (1) – The “Heart” of Human Psyche

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