Year 2020: The Beginning of a New Human Migration

On Jan 1st of 2020, my friend George Por asked me, “Spring, the ‘20s will most likely be a gateway to a planetary breakdown and/or breakthrough. What would I Ching say about how to enter this new decade?” I Ching, pronounced as yee-ching, is a seven-thousand year old Chinese divination system, one of the Earth’s …

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Our Adventure on Cortes Island

Joe and I are currently doing a winter retreat on Cortes Island, British Columbia in Canada. This remote island tucks itself far away from the nearest metropolitan city Vancouver, nine hours and three ferry rides away! We are really taken by the quality of the community that organically formed on this island. There are about 800 …

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By Yiqing He (translated by Spring Cheng) From the void we come To the void we go Before the tide rises No one notices the footprints in the sand Except those who dare to love Every seed carries the aroma of four seasons Every drop of water remembers how it flows through mountains as a …

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