Children of the Earth

Children of the Earth is a “power song”, the fruit of a multi-cultural, collaborative effort. This song is birthed on the 2019 Climate Change and Consciousness conference taking place in Scotland. Upon feeling the collective grief, the hope, as well as the longing for a thriving future, Spring Cheng wrote this song as a prayer for peace and harmony. The conference ended with Spring leading three hundred people from more than forty cultures singing this song in unison.

In the past four years, music producer Paul Kwiecinski organized an international production to record this song, involving Peruvian and American musicians, people speaking 15 different languages, as well as a children’s choir from Edson Elementary School in New York.

Come and join the launch party of this song as an expression of our shared hope for a future of inter-cultural harmony and co-creation. Meet the songwriter, artists, producer, as well as children who have participated in producing the song. Find out what you can do with this song from others who have taken this song into the boardrooms, classrooms and living rooms. 

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