Feelingwork takes you into your deepest authenticity.

A complete set of mapped feeling states

Today’s world demands us to be responsive and adaptive as an authentic human beings in our professional arena, intimate relations and creative endeavors. We all have a great potential to express our authenticity through our body and mind, to experience life in its full spectrum aliveness, including greatest joy and deepest compassion, while embracing the thrilling energy of life with the spirit of adventure.

Yet often this potential in us is dormant like icebergs being frozen in rigid forms. These icebergs are our deeply embedded emotional patterns, mostly wired through early life experience. Within the core of these reactive patterns lies buried the beliefs that we are not worthy, safe, or capable. With these limiting beliefs, we tend to limit the expression of our life energy, giving up dreams, visions and inspirations that our hearts truly desire, settling for a safer or smaller version of life instead of being fully alive and participating in the creative process of life. Without proper channels to express, these pent-up life energies often build to enormous pressures and manifest themselves as emotional distress, reoccurring dysfunctional relations, or even health problems and psychological disorders.

Resonance Path Institute co-founder Joe Shirley invented Feelingwork twenty-five years ago in the course of securing his own liberation from bipolar disorder. Since then, he has dedicated his life to refining The Feelingwork Practice to unlock these hidden potentials within people he serves as clients, so that people can be fully living into their creative capacities.

Feelingwork is an interactive mindfulness practice that lead you into awareness of your feelings at a level below what your everyday consciousness can detect. We use a mapping and moving technique to bring that awareness to the surface and release it from its reactive form. With Feelingwork, you will discover depths and nuances of yourselves that your heart is well familiar with, but does not have the language to communicate to your mind, thus unable to contribute its gifts in your life.

Through reconnecting what you feel with what your mind can discern, you will acquire greater sensitivity and adaptability of your feeling mind. You will discover a great source of intelligence and power in your feelings and emotions, including those “bad feelings” you are terrified or resistant to feel.