One-on-One: Resonant Facilitation

A Holistic Paradigm for Psychosomatic and Psychospiritual Integration

I offer one-on-one guide/facilitation to people who desire to embody a new culture which values relationship and self-expression, respects Earth as a living being and honors that life is interconnected. Many of my clients are engaged in human service professions including therapists, coaches, activists, teachers, parents, healers and artists.

The one-on-one sessions can be counted as credits for students enrolled in the Regenerative Health MA/PhD program, with an emphasis on Holistic Mental Health at Ubiquity University.

My work supports clients to integrate the legacies passed down from the culture of birth, heal the wounding and liberate the creative potentials inside themselves. I empower my clients to live and express themselves with authenticity and joy, and connect with Interbeing, the interconnected web of life (also called the Tao).

  • Connect with the deepest part of our being so that our sheer presence can be a powerful instrument of service
  • Coordinate between our intentional actions (yang) and a still, receptive presence (yin) so they may enable and amplify each other
  • Engage our self-transformation to amplify our influence on the system or environment around us
  • Trust and use instinct and intuition as guiding lights when navigating the complexities of the world
  • Think and act as a creative artist when facing uncertainty and the unknown
  • Connect with Interbeing, the Tao, a power larger than ourselves, while remaining humble

Components of Resonant Facilitation


Healing from emotional trauma. Activating the wisdom of feeling/sensing mind. Source maps for your life path from the intuitive and creative wisdom of feeling, a right-brain centered intelligence.

Inner Committee

Integrating different aspects of inner self that might be in conflict or disconnected from one another

Qigong Somatic

Charging one’s physical body with grounding power. Opening subtle energy channels.

Subtle Attunement

Attuning to the subtle influences of synchronicities through I Ching reading, or Fieldtuning. Receiving guidance from presence larger than oneself.

  • Artwork displayed above is created by Angela McLeod and Daelinar (Instangram @Daelinar_Elfkin)

    What my clients say:

    Spring came into my life via her book “The Resonance Code” like the right gift at exactly the right time.  Over the course of ten hours, Spring guided me through some foundational supportive qigong exercises, an in-depth Feelingwork process, Fieldtuning, and an I Ching reading.  It is hard to describe what occurred during these sessions and the weeks in between because so much of it took place in a mysterious arena where my conscious mind was in the audience rather than in the active position.  I can tell you that the subtle somatic process of Feelingwork changed my inner relating in lasting ways.  From this, I have a true sense of having resources in my body available to guide, energize and soothe me when I need them.

    I feel that Spring supported me like a matchmaker or dating coach in my early relationship with Interbeing. Learning how to listen and hear her via Fieldtuning and I Ching has given me a beautiful experience of intimacy with an alive and loving Earth.  Our sessions provided me with much to digest and a lot of guidance to put into action and non-action in the world. I know I will return to her when I am at my next crossroads.  I would recommend Spring to any seeker who wishes to connect deeply and authentically with the whole that we are part of.

    This work goes to the very heart of our memory – of our knowing – of what it is to be alive, to be an individuated part of consciousness. Feelingwork accesses the cellular memory of our psyche. If you allow it, it will connect you with the individual and the divine, the most intimate and the most trans-personal. In nearly every session, Spring had me on the floor in agonizing or ecstatic internal excavation and reprogramming as we mapped the details of my feeling states. I called our zoom calls my ‘disemboweling sessions’. We then invited my reactive feeling states to transform into their ideal versions of themselves. The shift is beyond explanation. It’s so subtle…so invitational…yet so profound. The deeply entrenched patterns that I sought to shift, melted literally in the first session… Not that I couldn’t fall back into them… but two months later, I feel as though the very energetic cellular patterns that I set out to transform have indeed shifted into a place from which they cannot return with the same tenacity.

    Of the various therapeutic modalities in which I have dabbled, feelingwork is hands-down the most instantaneously transformative. We are not primarily cognitive creatures, but rather ones of feeling. It is our emotional intelligence that truly makes us who we are – makes us alive in the way we are alive here. It is our feeling landscape that makes conscious evolution on this plain what it is. It is our ability to love in the way we can here, that is our reason for being alive. It is through this portal that deep personal and trans-personal transformation occurs.

    Spring is a gentle guide and witness. I never felt pushed but rather continually invited to explore, to lean in, to trust. I felt seen, held, and honored by her witness.  

    If you are interested in working with me, please contact me for detailed information.