I offer one-on-one coaching and facilitation to clients who are dedicated to transforming cultural and social systems.

People who are passionate about system change tend to be action-oriented and goal-oriented. The fire of their passion is the precious catalyst for change. Yet to become more effective and adaptive in today's world, we also need to evolve ourselves by asking ourselves these questions:

  • How to activate our being-ness, so our sheer presence can be a powerful and reliable instrument for change?
  • How to coordinate between being and doing so they empower and catapult each other?
  • How to trust and use our instincts and intuitions as a guiding light when navigating the complexities of the world?
  • How to think and act as a creative artist when facing uncertainty and the unknown?

My work aims at connecting clients with their inner resources, often buried in early life experience, ancestry lineage or deep unconscious. I guide them to access their hidden resources through activating the sensitivity and broadening the responsiveness of their feeling mind, the medium through which we access the depth and breadth of our being-ness. I coach clients to charge their presence with these hidden resources, listen and be receptive to their instincts and intuitions, and respond to the uncertainty and unknown with the sensitivity and creativity of an artist.

I use a combination of a variety of tools in response to what the client needs at the moment. Here is an example of some of the tools I use:

  • Feelingwork, an interactive mindfulness practice that helps one to attune to the wisdom and power in one's feeling mind.
  • Resonance Code, a pattern language that trains the rational mind to be open and fluid in interfacing with the uncertainty and unknown, as well as collaborative with the aspects of ourselves that lie beyond the reach of rational mind.
  • Five-elements mapping, a creative exploratory process that orients one to the landscape of one's internal world.
  • Qigong and other somatic exercises, processes that charge our physical being with deeper sources of power.
  • Playback exercises, a process that aligns our somatic experience and mental model to be more resonant with one another

There are several options to work out the financial or energy exchanges between us. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me for detailed information.

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