Do you secretly yearn to sing with passion and express yourself fully and freely, yet you hold onto a story that you can’t, it’s too late or you are not good enough?

  • Explore leadership themes such as purpose, guidance, vulnerability and resilience
  • Practice the skills of improvisation to stay present and engage with what’s emerging
  • Cultivate non-judgmental attitude towards one’s creative expressions
  • Transform your lived experiences, inspirations and visions into powerful songs
  • Learn simple yet effective songwriting techniques and explore various styles.
  • Connect and collaborate with other participants in a supportive and inspiring environment
  • Share your work with the audience you choose
Nature Art by @Daelinar_Elfkin
  • You are a leader, social change agent, activist, coach, therapist, human service professional, or someone who desires to take a stand for something you believe in the world as an authentic self.
  • You believe in the power of embodied presence and vulnerability.
  • You are ready to tap into your creative potential and discover the power of your voice.
  • No prior songwriting experience required. Only willingness to experiment and play is sufficient.

This course is open to the public and also a core course in the Living Resonance Leadership MA/PhD program in Ubiquity University.


This course is co-created and co-facilitated by Spring Cheng, Paul Kwiecinski & Judi Neal. Their respective bios can be found on Faculty Page.

Paul, Judi and Spring were called together by a song. In 2019, Spring as the only Asian representative attended Climate Change and Consciousness conference at Findhorn Foundation. She wrote a song called Children of the Earth to capture her experience of the human spirit as well as the challenge we are facing as a species. When Paul heard about the song, he committed himself to producing the song as an international project. His long-term creative collaborator Judi joined him.

Four years later, this projected has resulted into a music video that synthesized the input from artists and people from 14 countries, as well as the performance of a children’s choir. Watch the music video and a zoom launch of the song.

Through this project, they have forged a generative collaboration which naturally led them to creating this course.

Dr. Spring Cheng, co-founder of the Resonance Path. Full Bio

Paul Kwiecinski, co-founder of Face the Music. Full Bio

Dr. Judi, Neal, co-founder of EdgeWalkers International and Global Consciousness Institute. Full Bio


The Cosmic Path to Melody & Lyric, by Ernie Hill

Saved by a Song by Mary Gauthier