Inner Climate Lab

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The climate crisis we experience in the outer environment is intricately connected with the political and social climates, which are reflections of psychological patterns and dynamics inside each one of us. This is a research lab engaged in innovative response to climate crisis from the Taoist perspective of Wu Wei. Wu Wei means internal doing in the inner, psychological realm, which we refer to as the inner climate.

In this lab, we choose to work on specific social issues related with climate crisis and investigate how expanding and deepening awareness of the self and system would influence our outer involvement and actions. The driving question is how to actively engage with intense emotional responses such as fear, disgust, anger and despair as prime opportunities to connect with deeper sources within, and act with the principle of Wu Wei. This deeper source is our inherent potential of wholeness rooted in inter-connectedness between past, present and future generations.

This research lab is a follow-up action from the 2019 Climate Change Conference (CCC) held at Findhorn. A large portion of the lab consists of CCC alumni. Enrollment is open till July 1st. If you are interested, please write to “spring” here at the website URL, or use the handy contact form.

Six meetings are scheduled at 8:30 am pacific time on the following dates: June 19, July 10, July 24, August 7, August 21 and September 4. Each meeting is 90 minutes to two hours in length. Meetings will be recorded and made available to registered participants here in this course area, and we are hosting an online forum open only to participants.