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Why Living Resonance Leadership?

Many ancient traditions and indigenous cultures see the world as a living being. At the core of this way of being is resonance, the experience of a profound coherence and synchronization between our inner self and the outer social, natural and cosmic environment. Universal Mother, as an archetype, is a mythic embodiment of resonance, embracing and uniting all life as a continuous presence, from which we are never separated, to which we always belong.

Living Resonance Leadership is a pathway to discover how Universal Mother as leader resonates through your being, your body-mind-heart and your life. Every one of us is born in deep connection with the Universal Mother. However, the trauma we endure as we grow into adulthood, and the unhealthy social conditionings we internalize can cut us off from this connection, replacing it with a proxy, such as inflated status, wealth, societal approval, prestigious membership or even moral superiority. When we re-orient ourselves to our Inner Presence, when we strive to see others across the gap of judgment, when we tend our communities with humility and express ourselves freely and joyfully, we can restore our connection with the Universal Mother as our true leader.

This program offers courses that amplify your resonance with Universal Mother through your being, your voice and your work in the world. With this resonance, you can weave a culture of belonging, compassion and reciprocity with people around you, offering your presence, your purpose and your connection with Universal Mother as a resource and a beacon of vision for your family, relationships and workplace. Meanwhile, you will embark on an evolutionary journey where your inner feminine and masculine, rational and intuitive, past and future selves embrace each other in an exhilarating and nourishing interplay. This program is in partnership with Ubiquity University and Resonance Path China.

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What Is the Origin of the Program?

Dr. Spring Cheng, the creator of the Living Resonance, has unearthed the hidden treasure of the Universal Mother archetype through re-sourcing the ancient oracle book I Ching, the Book of Change.

I Ching, one of the most ancient oracle books and a Taoist/Confucian classic, is primarily known through texts written two thousands years ago at the onset of China’s long history of patriarchy. However, prior to that, the ancient Tao was primarily led by feminine spirit and Goddesses. While being in deep honor and gratitude for her heritage, Dr. Spring Cheng has received the guidance to update and revise parts of the texts to embrace the return of the feminine spirit, and enable a more intimate interplay and co-creation between masculine and feminine. She tells the story of her journey in her Chinese memoir Earth Song, which will be published in 2025.

Using hexagrams as a “meta-language”, a system akin to musical notation, Spring devised the Resonance Code as a way to capture the different vibrational states of our being. Therefore, the Resonance Code, as a theoretical scaffold, enables each person to generate their own “oracle dictionary” to observe, notate and interpret their unique, personal frequencies of resonance with the Universal Mother.

In her journey of discovering her unique connection with the Universal Mother, she has formed alliances with faculty members and created a diverse palette of modules such as Memoir-Writing, Songwriting and Creativity, Fieldwork to Restore Feeling as Our inner Compass, and Embodied Cultural Sensitivity. These modules provide pathways to restore your unique, embodied resonance with the Universal Mother. Taking two of these courses will be prerequisite before you take the core course: Life as an Oracle – I Ching, Resonance Code and Taoist Human Development.

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What Is Unique to Our Program?

Our training aims at attuning students’ somatic, imaginative and emotional faculties to resonate with Universal Mother, the interconnected web of relations and life processes. This attunement has been traditionally called Oracle. Traditionally, the Oracle I Ching was a core training for tribal as well as political leaders.

One aspect of the training is to develop one’s life story, through memoir, as a personalized compass to guide one’s exploration and inquiry of the resonance between inner self and outer environment. Our emphasis is to help participants develop their leadership and oracle-ship through embodied creative expressions such as storytelling, songwriting, ritual and theatrical play.

One fundamental pillar of our curriculum is the mythopoetic and metaphorical ways of sense-making rooted in the Tao from Eastern Asian culture, emphasizing the cultivation of De, the power of inner knowing (also known as the embodied virtue). A leader with De can generate deep resonance within her relationships and communities through her mere presence. She leads not by coercing or forcing, but through allowing, compassion, pure presence and gentle guidance.

In this program, we emphasize healing the collective and individual trauma of our cultural conditioning due to corrupted patriarchy and colonization, re-balancing the feminine and masculine consciousness, and re-invigorating our eros, the wild and untamed creative energy within us. As we integrate between feeling and intellect, logic and intuition, we become adept at sourcing the flow of cosmic synchronicities to support our regenerative practices in the world.

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Who Do We Serve?

Our purpose is to empower anyone who wishes to serve their family, community and natural environment in the journey of regeneration and conscious evolution.

You may be activists, social innovators, homemakers, healers, therapists, artists, awakened business and political leaders, modern priests and priestesses. We believe that the most enlivened leadership on Earth is now residing within people who are heart-centered, compassionate, and caring toward nature, community, children, elders, and marginalized people.

This program is being offered in both English and Chinese languages.

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Core Courses 2024 – 2025

  • Life as an Oracle (1): Memoir Writing to Weave a Personal-Planetary Narrative, Jan 2025, 2 credits
  • Life as an Oracle (2): Attunement to Synchronicity through Resonance Code, date TBD, 3 credits
  • Psychotopology Coaching – A Groundbreaking Work that Restores the Wisdom of Feeling as our Inner Compass, date TBD, 3 credits
  • Chinese Medicine Self-care for Leaders in Social Healing and Evolution, date TBD, 2 credits
  • In-person retreat (focusing on embodied practices such as Tai Chi, qigong and music) , date TBD, 3 credits

Join Resonance Path co-founders Spring Cheng and Joe Shirley, along with faculty members Tong Schraa-Liu, Joseph Friedman, Paul Kwiecinski, Judi Neal, and Jennifer Browdy in our free, online intro.

Jun 17 – 21, 8 – 9:30 am Pacific, 11 am – 12:30 pm Eastern. To register, please click here

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