The Resonance Code

The Resonance Code is a rebirth of I-Ching, also known as the Book of Change. The ancient Chinese used this oracle book to consult their Inner Sage, a frequency of human consciousness that is an inborn portal between a separate, finite self and a connected, infinite self. This consciousness of the Inner Sage is naturally embedded within the flow of time and thus can be fractally represented by random events.

The Resonance Code takes the DNA of I-Ching and infuses it with the modern understanding of complex systems and human development. It is a navigational system that guides our choice-making and meaning-making as the Self searches for fulfillment and connection through the territory between the individual and collective, the independent “I” and inter-dependent “We”.

Learn about our upcoming Resonance Code course

Starting in 2018, Resonance Code developer Spring Cheng and RPI faculty will be offering an introductory course in the Resonance Code. Through this course, you will learn how to be in tune with a channel of your consciousness that connects directly to the We-Space that anchors through you. With that attunement, you will begin to develop Resonance as an agency to communicate and co-create with the We-Space around you.

This course will provide an experiential learning environment where you will be exploring and interacting with your peers in a safe, playful and intimate setting. You will be researching and experimenting with how to dance with the natural rhythm of resonance and dissonance. You will learn how to bravely embrace dissonance and harness its energy as your personal power to serve you and your community. This course will also lay the foundation for a community based on Resonance Code in which our learning and growth will be synergized and amplified.

Currently the course is in beta development with a small group of close co-explorers. At this time, the course is envisioned as the following process, as articulated by Spring to the pilot group participants.

First the participants will craft an “inquiry” that will best capture where they are on the edge of their evolutionary trajectory. The crafting will take two steps, both with specific guidance. First step is story-telling with a partner practicing active listening. The second steps involves shaping the “inquiry” based on some criteria we provide.

Then we will derive a hexagram by throwing coins randomly in relation with the inquiry. The “inquiry” is then performed with Mystery, the vast field of Consciousness/Unconscious/Superconscious – the flow of time itself. The answer comes as a physical pattern shown through throwing three coins six times.

Next we will learn how to use Resonance Code to engage with the inquiry. Each hexagram is interpreted as a real-time dialogue between two modes of consciousness, Particle and Wave. One way to think about it is Wave anchors our individual Field of Possibilities (a rough analogy would be our Karma, but in a much more dynamic sense than what is popularly viewed). The Particle mode supports what is being sourced and manifested from the Possibilities.

These two modes of consciousness “speak” through the hexagram via a simple vocabulary. The vocabulary consists of three 4-quadrant maps. Not dissimilar to Integral Theory 4-quadrant, except there are 3 of them and they are inter-related. We will engage in exercises mapping this vocabulary to the situation we are inquiring about.

So basically each hexagram is a dialogue between what is possible and what is already manifested as well as what wants to be manifested, sourced from the interaction between our carefully crafted inquiry and the flow of time.

With the understanding of the Particle and Wave, and the three 4-quadrant maps, we can begin to interact with the hexagram through Resonance Code. We can ask questions like the following.

  1. What are the conscious beings this inquiry is concerned with? What is the “I” and what is the “We” here? What are other possible ways to live the “I” that want to emerge from this inquiry? What other possible ways to experience the “We” that want to emerge? Here we will also learn the 5 different layers of conscious processes (sourced from the 5-element theory of Taoism and Chinese medicine), feeling, sense, thought, action and system, in order to tap deeper into the Field of Possibilities.
  2. What is the dissonance in the situation we inquired? What the next evolutionary step, to which direction, it is pointing to? Here we will also practice doing Feelingwork in partnership with one another to shift the awareness frozen in dissonance towards resonance.
  3. How do we tap into our attractive power (the subjugated power more naturally exercised by the feminine of our species), given a preliminary understanding of the relationship between Wave and Particle consciousness? How does the attractive and propulsive power work in concert with each other in this inquiry?

As you can see, there are quite a few heights we need to ascend as a collective, learning together and from each other. There will be a lot of exercises, partner work, and small-group work to engage with, as well as some home-work.

What I delineated is the process to generate user-specific content for each hexagram. Now imagine a community of people conversing in this language and material. They can begin to compile user-specific materials for all 64 hexagram for themselves and the collective. Then we are no longer learning only from I-Ching, the single source of text full of riddles, accumulated over thousands of years. We are compiling live data, with fresh language to describe the patterns of change at the front edge of evolution.

Furthermore, this community of people then can tap into each other’s evolutionary field through by doing Resonance Inquiry with one another. (That will be the next level of collective practice.) We can potentially learn how to exchange our “karmic currency” with each other, kinda like the amoeba’s exchanging DNA copies with each other. Wouldn’t that open up a new vista of social collaboration with unpredictable gifts and lessons to learn?

Sound interesting? Please contact us to let us know your interest!