Resonance Code


Resonance Code is a pattern language that facilitates one's interface with uncertainty and the unknown with intelligence and artistry.

In today's world, we face the challenges of increasing levels of complexity, uncertainty and the unknown in many fronts of social life. At our institute, we believe that human beings naturally harbor great potentials to process unexpected information and highly-complex patterns. However, this part of us has been dominated and inhibited by cultural practices and beliefs that privilege a mechanistic rational faculty above other types of cognitive functions. The part of us that is more comfortable with uncertainty and the unknown can be thought as the right-brain centered approach to life, whereas the part of us that more comfortable with stability and predictability, the left-brain.

To respond to this challenge, we need to reactivate the right-brain, the imaginative, metaphorical, and fluid part of our cognitive functions that are intimately connected with our embodied awareness, emotions and instincts. And we need to learn how to foster a more intelligent rationality that embraces imagination and emotions rather than rejects them. Resonance Code is a pattern language that helps to integrate between the left and right-brain approaches. With that, we can intentionally engage with forces inherent in uncertainty and the unknown as valuable resources.

Resonance Code is re-invented from the ancient Chinese oracle book, I-Ching, also known as the Book of Change. The ancient Chinese used this oracle book to consult their Inner Sage, an archetype that harmonizes the yin and yang, the right and left brain approaches to life. The consciousness of the Inner Sage is naturally embedded within the flow of time and thus can be fractally represented by random events.

The Resonance Code takes the DNA of I-Ching and infuses it with the modern understanding of complex systems and human development. It is a navigational system that guides our choice-making and meaning-making for individuals and groups that are committed to transformation.

Spring Cheng is the inventor of Resonance Code. Her work was motivated by her desire to bridge the gap between the two arenas she was trained and practiced in: western biology on the one side, Chinese medicine and Taoism on the other. She later developed Resonance Code to apply to system change and transformation. Currently, Spring Cheng is leading the effort of co-creating the Resonance Code through the Resonance Path Research Lab. Please contact us for more information.