Echoes of the Heart

A Playback/Theatre-of-Liberation Ensemble in Bellingham, Washington

Echoes of the Heart Ensemble is a playback/Theatre-of-Liberation (Theatre of the Oppressed) theatre company in Bellingham. We serve our beloved community through performances and workshops. Through improvisational theatre, we embody and celebrate the heart wisdom embedded in all human experience. By hosting space for people to tell their stories, witness each other in our everyday triumphs and struggles, we create a safe and inclusive space for the community to reflect upon themselves and regenerate in the spirit of wholeness.

Artistic Director: Spring Cheng and Joe Shirley

Members: Amanda Blaine, Danielle “Yin” Dwyer, Elisa “Moon” Weise, Elizabeth “Mouse” Bird, Jesse French, Morning Amani-Roe and Renna Fir

Our Next Show

Emotions, Insights and Lives in a Climate Changing World

In this experiential and interactive event, we will support participants to tell their stories of how climate change impacts their physical and psychological wellbeing as well as their family and community. The Echoes of the Heart Ensemble will enact the stories through short skits, improvised movement, and music, creating a space for people to digest their experience as well as share their hopes, inspirations and visions for the future. We believe that when the community can witness its members in their current struggles and challenges, we will collectively birth hope and visions for a thriving future .

This event is sponsored by multi-faith network for climate justice, Stillpoint at Beckside, Unity Spiritual Center and Resonance Path.