Tea Time Mar 8: Meet the Villagers and Weave Connections

DATE: Thurs Feb 28, 2023
TIME: 5 – 6:30 pm, Pacific Time, find your local time here.

Our Village is an online community dedicated to the practice of wholeness. Come and meet other fellow villagers. We will facilitate with games and questions that will help people to connect from an authentic place. If you are thinking about joining but not sure it, this is also an opportunity for you to feel the vibes of our community.

Who are we?

[This writing synthesizes pieces of sharing from villagers present in the first launching party.]

We are a group of people who straddle the gap between the inner and outer realms. We tend to have one foot in the hustles of the center: government, corporate and communities; and another foot in the stillness of mystical expanse, through art, contemplative practices or dream work.

We are guardians of mystery, and compassionate observers of human experience. Not observing from the sidelines, but diving into the deep end with our whole heart and body! 

Like octopi, we may temporarily fit ourselves into whatever shape the container is. So we can observe, study and even ingest whatever nutrients there are. But never can the whole of us be categorized into a definitive label. It is in the vulnerable space of the unknown and uncertainty where we touch each other’s hearts, with gentle curiosity and spacious embracing. 

Our friend Victoria, one of the first stewards of the Resonance Path, dreamt about “a wild rumpus at a tea party” a few days before she received our invitation to join a tea time conversation. 

So here we are, extending an invitation to this Wild Rumpus to you! As the world gets more and more uncertain, one way to respond is to uncover the even wilder part of ourselves, make amends with it, and re-commit ourselves to TRUSTING its message! If this calls to you, we invite you to join us!

What’s unique about this community?

The heart of the community will be LIVE INTERACTIONS, presently in the form of the ongoing Tea Time series and training courses (the next offering is qigong class Dancing Tao. Our intention is to ground the community in face-to-face communications where people can relate with one another in an authentic and mindful way. 

Asynchronous, text-based interactions, when used with care and awareness, can enhance and support the live interactions. And, they tend to eat away our time spent with loved ones, trees, and real life. Therefore, we prioritize the wholesome experience of live interactions, while limiting the dosage of asynchronous interactions to what’s necessary. 

Note: Registration is closed.

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