Tea Time Feb 23: Perform Acupuncture on Colonizing and Capitalistic Systems

DATE: Thurs Feb 23, 2023
TIME: 10:30 – noon, Pacific Time, see your local time

How to form a social collective prioritizing these values: belonging, compassion, contemplative ways of being and knowing, diversity, ecological harmony, embodiment and creativity?  

Over the years we have walked side by side with many brilliant practitioners, healers, activists, social movers and shakers, artists, who work tirelessly on similar path. At the same time, many of us often feel undervalued, underpaid, exhausted and burdened.

From our own experience, we sense part of the reason is that the values advocated by our work are in conflict with social systems and financial structures that reward extracting resources and siphoning wealth to the elites to an unbalanced extreme. Even though many of us dislike this system, we often feel no choice but participate in it. When our body registers this conflict, our life energy is drained and our spirit, dampened. 

Our work proposes that the systemic governance and finance structures are intimately coupled with embodied, subtle life energy, which the ancient Taoists call qi and can be readily accessed when we place a mindful awareness onto feelings. In order to re-imagine a different governance and finance structure, we need to become aware of this subtle frequency of embodied energy and observe how it participates in the existing governance and finance structure. Our bold hypothesis is that accessing qi through feeling awareness might present a daring yet healing pathway to build governance and financial structures that will serve life-regenerative relationships and communities.

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Couldn’t make it? No worries. A video recording is available inside Our Village.

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