Dancing Tao Workshop

Dancing Tao is a movement practice that Spring Cheng has developed through synthesizing a life-long practice of various forms of qigong and Tai Chi, as well as improvisational dance. It fuses the subtle awareness of qi with the freedom and joy of creative expression.

Dancing Tao also teaches the basic vocabulary of The Resonance Code, an energetic code Spring has derived from the hexagrams of I Ching, the Book of Change, an ancient wisdom source. It serves as a fundamental vocabulary to evoke resonance between conscious and unconscious mind, enabling one to live in the synchronous flow.

This material is part of the MA/PhD curriculum, Living Resonance, Embodied Philosophy to Empower Regenerative Cultural Leaders, accredited at the Ubiquity University.

In this workshop, you will…

  • Practice qigong movements that regenerate your nervous system and regulate emotions
  • Discover your unique self-expression through improvisational movement
  • Embody Taoist energetics and explore how to integrate them into daily living and relational dynamics

Approaching our body

as a sacred temple,

Moving with one another, we allow an alchemy to unfold

where the sweet, nourishing water of inter-connectedness

meets the blazing fire of sovereignty,

where the cool pressure of structure tempers with the joy of spontaneous expression.

Further Studies

In 2024, Resonance Path intends to organize a “Research Lab” in Bellingham, cultivating consciousness that is in sync with cosmic resonance and synchronicity, aided by I Ching hexagrams and the Resonance Code. Our intention is to explore how to conduct regenerative cultural practices such as environmental activism, social healing and collective healing through embodying wholeness and invoking resonance. A continuous Dancing Tao practice will be part of this research lab.

The Resonance Code is a re-invention of I Ching, transmuting the legacy of patriarchal influence in the I Ching texts, evolving the text to serve conscious evolution in a climate-changing world. Unlike traditional I Ching readings where the ancient text is the reference for an authoritative voice, the Resonance Code empowers people to write their own commentaries for the hexagrams, sourcing from the “Inner Sage” through embodied practice and attunement to one’s felt-sense, as well as weaving of a personal, mythopoetic life narrative. The Dancing Tao Workshop will serve as a prelude to this Research Lab, providing an embodied experience of the vocabulary of the Resonance Code.

Reading List

The philosophy and intention of Dancing Tao practice: Body as A Living Inter-Being

A memory of my Grandpa and qigong: Slow Movements Remind Me of My Grandpa

The Origin and Meaning of the Word Qi

The Primordial Body: Recharging Yourself through Connecting with Larger Circle of Life

Wu Wei, achieving through effortless doing: Dialing-in to Inter-Being

When: 2 – 5 pm, Sun Nov 12

Where: Turtle Haven, Deming

(Address provided after registration)

Contribution: regular $80 | economy $65 | abundant $95

Financial assistance or trade is possible upon inquiry

To make your contribution, please PayPal to thankyou@resonancepath.com, or Venmo to @SpringChunCheng. If you tend to pay via cash, please indicate in the form below (question or comments session). Thanks!