Resonance Code (3) – Resonance Power

In the previous chapter, I have named the intermediary between Wave and Particle as Resonance. What is Resonance exactly?

Resonance as a Source of Power

When two systems vibrate in synchrony, they are in resonance. They are making music together. The music of resonance infuses life around us.

A child is playing on the swing. You wait till he swings to the highest point to add a gentle push, sending him swinging with giggles towards the other end. You instinctively applied an action in resonance with the frequency of the swing.

A surfer is paddling in the water waiting for the next wave to arrive. When the swell rises and reaches the high point, she jumps on the board and catches the wave. She is surfing in resonance with the frequency of the wave in motion.

Our air is filled with radio waves vibrating at various frequencies. Radio, cell phone or TV antennas vibrate in resonance with those frequencies to “capture” the signals, decoding them into sound and images onto our device.

In our body, levels of different hormones rise and fall in a sophisticated coordination. Muscles and organs, in resonance with that, fire up activities or tune down to rest. Our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, alternating between day time and night time, take turns activating or relaxing our body. Many disease conditions arise because our life styles are not in resonance with this temporal coordination.

When perceived through the lens of vibrations, the power and beauty of life expresses itself in a complex symphony of resonances, on instruments of natural elements and biological systems. What about the man-made cultural and social systems?

Our increasingly globalized culture and society are complex systems that also exhibit many waves of rhythms. The stock market index rises and falls. Traders try to guess the rhythm of the market fluctuation and time their trading in resonance with the rhythm. Political and social trends swing back and forth between poles such as conservative and progressive. Companies go in and out of business or reinvent themselves to meet the demands of the market. In our modern culture, the mainstream practice is to construct sophisticated particle-ized concepts to represent these invisible social forces, so that we can relate with them through quantification, categorization, rational analysis and debate.

Yet in each of the examples above, there is huge amount of raw emotional, irrational forces involved. Economy and politics are notoriously chaotic, stirring charged emotions, defying the most sophisticated rationalistic ways to predict and control. This is a key characteristics of Wave consciousness that has developed beyond the container of existing Particle consciousness. The complexity and volatility of these forces in the American political scene have blown the intellectuals’ circuits, overwhelming the rational mind’s ability to process. Our instincts, senses and feelings, after being subdued by rationality since the Enlightenment era, have now re-emerged as powerful forces, demanding the rational mind to see its own limitation.

Photo by Scott Ruzzene on Unsplash

As a result, our future is filled with uncertainty and unknown, as if we are all being summoned into a court filled with giant, invisible swing sets. Without tools to perceive, we are blind to them. Then we are hit with surprises such as Trump or populist right movements. And we all wait for the biggest pendulum waiting to drop on us, climate change.

Before the era of logical rationality, many indigenous cultures established shamanic, Wave-oriented practices to engage with these powerful Wave forces. The shamans are trained to use their very own consciousness, (thoughts, feelings, senses, actions and encoding as in the 5-Phase model), as a device to receive from and transmit information to the collective consciousness, facilitating transformation. Resonance is the underlying principle that enables these types of practices.

These types of Wave practices have been pushed out of the mainstream when the logic-oriented Particle consciousness gained its mass and density in the modern civilization. At the same time, when the social and cultural ethos of the indigenous culture was disrupted by consumerism and commercialization, these Wave practices also gradually lost their potency and vitality. As a result, we have been severed from an intrinsic source of power.

Power: Fuel for Both Creativity and Destruction

Carl Jung once said, what is being rejected from the self will come back in the world as an event. The collectively rejected power of Resonance is now coming back in events such as Trump’s presidency.

Resonance is simply a raw form of power. Like all powers, it can be expressed towards holistic creativity where all can benefit. And it can be expressed through selfish means bringing harm to all. Trump’s surprising arising into presidency is an example of unconscious and corruptive use of resonance. Trump has an instinctual, attuned Wave consciousness that made him sensitive to the unmet needs in a large section of the population that was previously unheard and unseen. This attunement is instinctive, unavailable to the intellectual mind. That is why the pundits could not have predicted it.

At the same time, Trump’s intellect and emotional maturity is poorly developed. His lack of ability to make distinctions makes him unconsciously driven by deep, ancient impulses that simultaneously self-aggrandize and self-destruct. As a result, these internally conflicted impulses are not only tearing the country apart, but eventually his own psyche, physical health and soul. That is the difference between a conscious Resonance agent and an opportunist. One applies power consciously, one indiscriminately. Yet for both, their most raw, fundamental instincts are in sensitive attunement with vibrations of the psychic forces in their life space. Resonance agents can apply cognitive discernment to guide the instinct to be in service to a holistic creativity. Opportunists can’t.

In the classroom of evolution, we are all here to learn. Trump’s action and being, as crude and morally corruptive as they are, presented a clear demonstration of how action in resonance with the tidal waves of subtle forces can manifest something that was deemed impossible by the rational mind. Being unconscious, Trump is being used as a prop by the great teacher of evolution.

This is probably the most core and difficult teaching from I-Ching and ancient Chinese culture. Learn from those who threaten to destroy us. They are the mirror reflecting the very things we fear the most in ourselves. It is relatively easier to learn from those great teachers who use their power of Resonance for the benefit of all, such as Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. However, as Dr. King has said, love without power is anemic; power without love is abusive. Sometime evolution’s lesson for power and love come in through different channels.

Resonance Code awakens our inherent awareness to perceive the vibrations of these subtle energies in our individual and collective spaces. At RPI, we are building a community of practitioners who can refine and calibrate Resonance awareness to make more informed choices about how and when to respond to Resonance. Coming with that awareness, there is also the responsibility to steward the power of Resonance, for Earth and the living beings on Earth.

This work is intended for those who aspire to a world more beautiful than our hearts know. We aspire to bring sustainability, equity and well-being back to our planet and culture. We long for meaningful relationships and intimate communities. We seek works and service that honor the wholeness of each other. For this vision, we strive to re-source powers from Earth’s low-frequency hum of Wave consciousness, buried deep in our ancient instincts, and temper it with visions sourced from a more refined and matured Particle consciousness.

3 thoughts on “Resonance Code (3) – Resonance Power”

  1. Spring, this is the most cogent, brief analysis of our current predicament I have read…and I read a lot! Thank you for the clarity and beauty of your thought expressed in writing. I would like to share “in concert” and “resonance” with you this quote from my favorite book of last year, Time the Familiar Stranger, Fraser.
    This from a closing section on what he calls the “time compact globe”…i.e. today [although he wrote this in 1987 he was totally prescient.]
    “The merging of many social presents into a steadily narrowing global present promotes the development of a worldwide rhythm.”…”If I were asked to help make the people of the world ready for the demands of a time-compact global order, I would recommend communication by dancing pictures…” p.341 Resonant, huh?

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