Resonance Code (1) – General Feature

For an introductory to Resonance Code, please read Story, Evolution and Maps. This essay describes a set of general features that apply to Resonance Code concepts and maps.

Sphere, poles and axes

First let us familiarize ourselves with how maps work.

On a city map, there are usually two axes, representing north/south and east/west. On a map of a mountainous terrain, there is also the third axis: up/down. Even though a map is illustrated as a flat surface, with axes stretching to the opposite sides, we understand that if we start from where we are now and travel north, undeterred by any obstacles in our way, eventually we will come back to the original spot. The same applies to east and west, (or any other direction). However, it is worth noting that for a long time, many people lived under the assumption that Earth was flat, fearing that we could fall off the edge if we keep walking towards one direction.

The longitudinal lines of earth converge at the North and South poles, which are also the poles of Earth’s electromagnetic field. Ancient Chinese invented the compass to navigate when they figured out how to work with these poles.

What about the up and down axis? While traveling north/south and east/west is relatively easy in today’s world, traveling along either direction of gravity is not trivial. What if we invented anti-gravity transportation that would allow us to travel high and low just as easily? Would going higher and higher into space eventually lead us back to our original spot? We do not know yet. There is a lot more to be discovered along that direction. What we do know is that up/down is a relative concept. When I look up to the moon rising outside my window in the sky of Seattle, a Chinese person on the other side of the Earth will have to point downward below the horizon to locate the moon.

Features: Fractal and Relational

I will describe the maps and concepts of Resonance Code in detail in the following essays. I want to emphasize that these maps are intended for attunement of resonance awareness and resonance power, not for describing reality. The territory we are traveling here are is in between the known and unknown, the knife-thin ridge where subjective experience and the objective world merge and meet with each other. Whether this is “real” is not as relevant a question as how useful this knowledge is in guiding our experience on the emerging edge of now. The usefulness of the source of this knowledge has been demonstrated in the longevity and robustness of I-Ching. Time will inform us of the usefulness of Resonance Code.

Concepts of north/south, east/west and up/down are very different from our concepts referring to objects. When I point to the cup with my name on it, it is very clear that I am pointing to a specific, unique object. If somehow this cup is broken, then this object no longer exists.

North/south, east/west, and up/down are instead fractal. Every spot on Earth, be it a country, a city, or a household, has north/south, east/west and up/down aspects. If I zoom in to a subpart of this spot, a new set of north/south, east/west, up/down emerges.

Another feature of these concepts is that they are only meaningful in the context of a relation. “50 miles east” is meaningless until one specifies where 50 miles east is referencing. Chicago is east of Seattle and west of New York City. It would be foolish trying to argue with my friend in New York City that Chicago is to the east, not west. Or it would be silly to prove to my roommate that the first-floor kitchen is lower rather than higher, when I am referencing my second floor while she is referencing her basement. In Resonance Code, we will be talking about Wave and Particle, for example. But the Wave or Particle nature of an entity will always be considered with reference to another entity.

When coming to physical locations, we accept that each human body occupies a distinct physical coordinate. We can use these directional distinctions to locate, travel towards or away from each other spatially. But our bodies can never occupy the exact same spot at the same time.

The distinctions made by Resonance Code serve the same purpose. The concepts in Resonance Code allow us to see that every self occupies a unique “place” in the space of consciousness. Every “place” has its unique perspective and resources to contribute to the whole. We can “travel” towards or away from others, depending on whether we want to relate to or set a boundary with them. When we feel intense judgment or rejection towards others’ view or perspective, that is usually because what appear as “others” outside resonate with something deep inside of us, usually within our unconscious. The judgment and rejection we feel shake loose that part form our unconscious, awakening our drive to differentiate from it. When we become differentiated to find the right “spot” for our own self, then we can see that we are all part of a whole, and the right way to relate with “others” and transform the whole become naturally accessible to us.

Next Chapter: The Trinity of Wave, Particle and Resonance

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  1. Curiously, there seems to be no “north“ from the point of the north pole, no “south“ from the point of the south pole, and no “down“ from the center of the earth…

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