Past Program: Voyage Into the Resonance Code, Fall 2019

Voyage Into the Resonance Code was a six-week online course that completed in the fall of 2019. It offered an introduction to the maps and fundamental practices of Resonance Code. In this program, 27 participants from four countries (USA, Canada, Netherlands and China) explored how to engage with one’s psyche as a “resonator” with the Inter-Being, the web of inter-connectivity around us. This skill of resonance is essential to develop a leadership that is heart-centered, spiritually aligned and grounded in somatic wisdom. This leadership is essential in our response to the challenges humanity is facing on many levels. This leadership invites changes through embodying and enacting wholeness rather than domination and control.

The practices of resonance enable participants to develop a heightened perception of subtle energies, synchronicity and wholeness that are the fabric of life around us. Yet this practice does not bypass the pain and discomfort we feel from the disruption, breakdown and collapse in the social, political and ecological environments. Instead, it honors that our visceral experience of disruptions, breakdown and collapse catalyzes our evolution. This is no small undertaking for all the Voyage participants. Here are some of bits and pieces of reflections from the participants about their experience. (Names are changed to protect privacy.)

The complexity [of what I begin to perceive] is almost explosive to my rationality-based mind. This forces me to listen [to the Inter-Being] differently. – Stephanie, Coach and Leadership Development

I notice that I have a heightened capacity to connect and resonate with my clients and engage with my intuitive knowing more organically. – Ursula, Coach and Leadership Development

I always had a resonance with the framework of Yin, Yang and Tao as a reflection of my felt-sense of universal truth. The materials of this course have provided clear maps of the psychic structure, which led me into a deeper experience into these concepts. As I practice, I have sensed a more active engagement with the subtle dynamics and connections with people around me. – Lynn, Holistic Healer

Steve Heller, an Executive Coach, wrote the following recommendation of the course:

If you are drawn to the possibility of experiencing a more vivid, personal connection to the Inter-Being, if you are curious about the self-awareness and understanding of the human psyche that can be illuminated by a framework that draws from both the ancient, Eastern ways of knowing and the modern, Western, rational ways of understanding, this course will provoke, enlighten, and enliven you.” 

Below is an introductory video for the Voyage 2019:

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