Fieldtuning Exercise from The Resonance Code

In chapter five of the first volume of the The Resonance Code, I invited readers to experience engaging one’s psyche as a device to communicate with the Inter-Being through a Fieldtuning exercise. This article reveals the identity of the five partitions defining the Field in the exercise, and describes the tuning that has been carried out by RCRL, Resonance Code Research Lab. (Please note that you should do the exercise first before reading this article.)

The five partitions are five primary concepts being explored in the book. They are the following:

  1. Inter-Being, and its evolutionary journey
  2. Middle Plane
  3. Qi, Currents of Wholeness
  4. Dense Plane
  5. Light Plane

Next I will describe the Fieldtuning carried out by RCRL. My intention is to illustrate how we use the information from Fieldtuning and how we interpret it. Our Fieldtuning is not a “standard answer” that one should align with. We all have a unique relationship with the Field. The observations you make through Fieldtuning are specific to the unique relationship you have with the Field at the time of the tuning.

The Field template we used to start the Fieldtuning

On March 13, 2019, seven members of the RCRL and myself gathered for the Fieldtuning over video conferencing. Since we were not in a physical space together, the Field was represented as a digital document that everyone could see and interact with at the same time. Except me, no one knew the identity of those partitions. The seven RCRL members performed the tuning. I was the witness and notetaker.


When you read this transcript, keep in mind that at the time of tuning, the tuner’s cognitive mind knew nothing about what they were tuning into. The state of consciousness they were in while doing Fieldtuning was akin to a dream state.
In this state, one receives information from the “field of all possibilities” on the Light Plane, translating its information/patterns into the Middle Plane.  When individuals in the Fieldtuning process speak they in effect being the “representative” of energy form that the number/shape is connected with.  In that sense they are not speaking for themselves exactly but are lending their heart-mind-perceptual lens to the energy to bring in the information.

The tuners participating in this tuning are experienced. They had practiced trusting not knowing and listening to the signals emerging from the streams of consciousness in this dreaming state. They were sharing what was flowing through the dream state of their consciousness without any censoring and editting. Doing this with a group of people is an incredibly intimate experience, as our conventional social practices almost never make space for this state of consciousness to show up publicly. It takes enormous trust for the tuners to say what is flowing through their dream state consciousness without them knowing its meanings or significance.

When you read the raw transcript, the individual bits of information may not seem to make much sense. However, after you read it, sit back and take it in as a whole. You will then get a sense of the overall picture. This is very much like viewing a work of impressionist art. If you focus on each small section, the lines and colors almost look chaotic. However, when you take in the whole picture with a soft focus, then an image of beauty and emotional subtleties would emerge. At the end of this article, I will share with you my interpretation of this tuning.

Now, please relax, soften your focus and read the transcript. To facilitate you to digest these information, I have included the identity of the partitions in the parenthesis.

Joe: I keep a soft focus to stare at these. I found myself looking at #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness). All the others faded away. As I look at #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness), there is a pull, a gravity and attraction I feel. As I say that, I notice #4 (Dense Plane) chimes in, as if saying what about me?

I bring my attention to #4 (Dense Plane), #4 (Dense Plane) is popping up more, coming out of the surface of the plane. #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) is pulling in and away. #4 (Dense Plane) forms a concave. #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) forms a convex.

Tong: #5 (Light Plane) draws my attention. It wants to come towards me. Bigger sphere. It wants to expand.

Intermediary state of the Field

Joseph: #4 (Dense Plane) has a lot of energy. Wants to be at the center. Near 2 (Middle Plane) and 3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness)

#1 (Inter-Being) wants to move to the upper left corner. More centered on the diagonal.

Charles: A sequence of movements is speaking to me. Drawn to the #5 (Light Plane) as entry point. That feels like individual inquiry. From there, a gateway, #2 (Middle Plane), which feels a more collective inquiry. #4 (Dense Plane) feels like a global, overall response. #1 (Inter-Being) also feels like a response to the individual. #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) feels like harmony, harmonization.

Ellen: From the beginning, I am drawn to #4 (Dense Plane). I’d like to put #4 (Dense Plane) at more central position, centered inside of 5. I feel a lot of movement in #4 (Dense Plane). The movements are circulating, pulsing and moving.

Intermediary state of the Field

Alexandra: The key word is circulation. At the very beginning, I take them all for a spin and resize them. I am entering between 1 (Inter-Being) and 2 (Middle Plane). They spin counter-clockwise and end at where they are now. I enter 3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) after that. It is pulsating. For me, #2 (Middle Plane) and #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) are most important. They circle counter-clockwise.

Joseph: [He drew a triangle on the circle of #1 (Inter-Being)]

Kris: When I first saw this, my impulse was to want the #1 (Inter-Being) to drop down. When Joseph moved it, I thought, “Hang on, what’s going on?”  #2 (Middle Plane) wants to go upper right. #1 (Inter-Being) and #2 (Middle Plane), feels like I and We. It doesn’t really matter which is which though, as long as there is movement between them. The system will do what it does. I love the triangle in #1 (Inter-Being) as to me it is dynamic not static.

Beth: What keeps coming up for me is that all five are pulsing and glowing. #4 (Middle Plane) feels like energy, circulation and pulsing. Not sure of the triangle [Joseph put] on #1 (Inter-Being). I had a little reaction towards it, not sure what it is covering up. All five are glowing, particularly #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness). It wants to roll up the side of #5 (Light Plane). There is a playfulness in #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness).

Ellen: The red color on #1 (Inter-Being) feels dissonant a bit. It needs to be softer. [Changes into a peachy color with some yellow in it].

Intermediary state of the Field

Joseph: The triangle I added in #1 (Inter-Being) indicates a certain energy. As soon as the color softens, the energy dissipates.

Alexandra: I like the yellow in #1 (Inter-Being) too.

Kris: I am loving the #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) rolling around #5 (Light Plane) like that. Not sure why. It looks like not a perfect circle, which makes it interesting and unexpected. My eyes don’t see it as a perfect circle.

Joe: As people talk about #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness), I see it as an embrace. Like someone hugs us.

Intermediary state of the Field

Tong: I feel #5 (Light Plane) wants to be transparent. [Changes the color to a light pink rosy one]

Joseph: I want to make #4 (Dense Plane) more centered in #5 (Light Plane)

Beth: #2 (Middle Plane) can come forward, so it is not behind the line. Just want to note that #5 font is displayed in black, different than the rest. I like it.

Tong, #2 (Middle Plane) wants to come closer to #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) and #5 (Light Plane).

Ellen: #4 (Dense Plane) arising within #5 (Light Plane) affecting it, leaving it and also coming back into it. #4 (Dense Plane) going in and out of #5 (Light Plane). A relationship of breathing.

Joe: My attention is drawn to #5 (Light Plane). It is saying, “I am your foundation.” As Ellen describes #4 (Dense Plane), I notice #5 (Light Plane) has a quality of womb. It is saying, “I am your origin, home and foundation. I am a place to come back to. I am Source.” Earlier in order to soften its appearance, I took out the boundary. That seems important, as the circle is open. It is not a closed womb.

Ellen: #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) feels like it’s on a journey, rolling up and around #5 (Light Plane). It says “whee!”. #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) is attached to #5 (Light Plane) through a magnetic connection. It is on a joyful journey as it journeys around #5 (Light Plane).

Final state of the Field

Joe: There is a sense of playfulness in #1 (Inter-Being), #3 (Currents of Wholeness) and #2 (Middle Plane). #2 (Middle Plane) becomes more exploratory. They feel like toddlers, particularly #2 (Middle Plane). As the toddler feels secure and safe, its exploratory functions are wide open.

Alexandra: #3 (Qi, Currents of Wholeness) is most dynamic, with intense color. It is most willing to move. #2 (Middle Plane) is mobile as well. #4 (Dense Plane) and #5 (Light Plane) establish the overall tone of the space. #1 (Inter-Being) is ahead of the pack.

Joseph: From the very beginning, I feel a lot of energy from #4 (Dense Plane). It is spinning. And now, as #5 (Light Plane) being womb, #4 (Dense Plane) and #5 (Light Plane) symbolize the dance of feminine and masculine. And the other three are like the children.

Tong: #2 (Dense Plane) is now calm, peaceful and settled. Safe and secure. Inherent certainty and settled-ness. Soothing and calm.


After synthesizing all the information collected through the tuning, several points stood out for me.

First: Light Plane (#5) played a significant role in the whole field. Its position is central. It was the largest circle and drew the most attention. At one point, Joe reported that the Light Plane #5 as the source and foundation, like a womb. This corresponds to my intuition that the knowledge about energetic patterns in the Light Plane is the foundation and source of our next phase of evolutionary journey. Resonance Code, with its 64 hexagrams to represent the 64 energetic patterns, will allow us to mine the Light Plane resources and use them responsibly.

In this tuning, the Dense Plane was being centered with the Light Plane again, signifying the re-building of the Dense Plane. In the last phase of human evolution, the materialism-centered, growth-focused path that our civilization has been on depleted the Dense Plane resources of the Earth, culminating in the mass extinction of animal species and destruction of ecosystems. It has also decoupled the Dense Plane aspects of the human psyche from the Light Plane, which is manifested in signs such as pervasive mental distress, broken family bonds and an increased suicide rate. With Light Plane technologies such as Resonance Code, we can explore how we can revitalize and reinvigorate the Dense Plane of the Earth and humanity.

Second: Middle Plane at one point showed up as a toddler. This accurately reflects the developmental stage of our linear rational mind. As it has only mapped out 5% of the energy and matter in the universe, there is a lot more to learn and grow into. When the Light and Dense Planes became settled, the Middle Plane, like a secure and well-cared for toddler, started to become more exploratory. This shows that to further evolve our linear rational thinking, the re-alignment and re-connecting between our Light and Dense Plane is a critical condition.

Third: I want to highlight is the relationship between Inter-Being (#1) and Middle Plane (#2). Multiple tuners have intuited a dynamic between individual-I and collective-We, as they tuned into the relationship between Inter-Being (#1) and Middle Plane (#2).

The Resonance Code outlines two modes of psyche, the feminine and masculine. The conventional social discourses about the relationship between the individual and collective are usually a product of the masculine mode of psyche, which emphasizes the linear, analytical mind on the Middle Plane. In this mode of thinking, the fundamental unit of self is a separate “I” or ego. A collective is usually thought as either an aggregate of “I”s or a system of mechanical natures, built out of these units of individual identity. The fact that Individual-I identity is the foundational unit for experience, is an a priori assumption about the nature of self. In this frame of reference, the collective-We is the structure built upon this foundational experience.

The feminine-mode of psyche anchors a very different relationship between the experience of I and We. The feminine mode of psyche gives priority to sensing the unified sphere held by the Light and Dense Plane. Here the foundational experience of self is experienced as the inter-connected We, which evolves towards an individual-I. When this We is primarily cohered through biological genetic information on the Dense Plane, the We forms into a family, tribe or ethnic group. The “I” or identity this We is evolving towards is to the vessel formed by our biological body and genetic materials.

When the We is primarily cohered through Light Plane energetic patterns, this We forms into what the Buddhist tradition calls a sangha, people associated with one another through the resonance between their Light Plane souls. The “I” this We is evolving towards to is our soul awareness, the vessel of our Light Plane energetic patterns and information.

Inter-Being is very different from the concept of the collective constructed by the linear rational mind of the Middle Plane. Inter-Being is the larger form of life of which human life is a part. The Inter-Being exhibits qualities that are beyond those of its individual units. It is the larger whole emerging out of the organization of parts. This means that we can never fully know the Inter-Being of which we as an individual human are a part. We can never analyze, dissect or reduce the Inter-Being to its constituents. It is a living system constantly evolving as our knowledge about it grows. However, we can be in relation with the Inter-Being.   

To be in relationship with the Inter-Being requires an integration of our body, self-identity and soul awareness, and a fluidity between the feminine and masculine modes of psyche. We have reached a stage in our evolution journey where it is imperative that we evolve beyond thinking our collective as a mechanical aggregate of individuals. This evolution will come about as we develop a more direct, intimate and nuanced relationship with the Inter-Being through integrating the feminine and masculine modes of psyche.


Among our RCRL members, the individual experience of the Field showed a diverse range of predispositions, preferences and pulls towards different aspects of the field. At the same time, a coherent theme also emerged. What I have synthesized here are points that strongly spoke to me. However, each individual member may arrive at different meanings pertinent to where they are on their own evolutionary journey.

This Fieldtuning occurred right after I finished writing the book. Soon after the Fieldtuning, I started to prepare presentations of Resonance Code at two upcoming conferences. As I was preparing my workshops, I discovered that the above points became a guiding frame influencing how I shaped my presentation materials.

The first conference I was going to was Climate Change and Consciousness held at Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. In the field of activists and environmentalists who are working on issues of Climate Change, a lot of attention is given to Middle Plane approaches looking for technological solutions to the problems. Much attention is also being given to Dense Plane issues as people have started to become aware of the impact of Climate Change on human health. I planned to raise the awareness of the evolution phase we are in where we need to learn how to use Light Plane patterns as a critical resource in facing the challenges associated with Climate Change. The legacies left by our existing spiritual traditions are not sufficient to interface with the challenge we need to meet on the Light Plane. We have to evolve beyond that and develop a universal framework for Light Plane technologies.

The second conference I was going to is entitled Transformational Leadership, Building Healthy Communities, organized by the Institute of Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University. Joseph Friedman and I are going to co-present a workshop called Integrating I-Culture and We-Culture. We are going to present the masculine and feminine modes of psyche and how they each relate between I and We differently.


With Fieldtuning, the RCRL members were able to arrive at a collective vision of the future direction of the Resonance Code in a short 30 min exercise. This probably would have taken several hours of conventional strategic planning meeting. And the experience of Fieldtuning is intimate, elegant and healing.

Fieldtuning demonstrates that what our conventional social practices deem as the least valuable, least meaningful aspects of ourselves, the dream-like, random streams of consciousness, when given the right conditions and container, can be channeled into powerful healing and transformational forces. This is a profound lesson to experience. In fact, experiencing it is life-altering.

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