Dancing Tao Draft

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In the indigenous Chinese cosmology, human’s instinctual desires are believed to be the natural expressions of “heaven’s mandate”. The ancient Taoists started to learn the spiritual essence of animals through qigong movements as early as 200 AD.

Our modern life often demands us to depart far away from the holistic and organic expressions of instinctual desires. As a result, we may become subjected to forces that are corrupting our wellbeing and connection to the larger life.

Join us in this Dancing Tao series to reunite with the wild and primal, and allow our mind, heart and spirit to receive nourishment from the interconnected life force on Earth!

In this course, you will:

  • Connect with your primal desires and instincts through simple, gentle and playful movements
  • Integrate the instincts with the logical mind through the ancient wisdom of the Tao
  • Regenerate nervous system and regulate emotions
  • Discover your unique self-expression through improvisational movements


6 classes: Sundays, 8 – 9 am pacific time, June 4 – July 9.

6 practice sessions: Thursdays, 12 – 12:30pm pacific time, June 8 – July 13

Video recordings will be available after each session. Students need to register at Our Village, the virtual classroom, to get access to recordings and course materials.

Trial Period: June 3 and June 8

Everyone is welcome to the trials for free. Donation is accepted but not required for the trial period. After the trial, the course is open only to full course participants.

Suggested Range for Tuition: $120 – $225. An example: General $180 | Abundant $225 | Discount $120. You are welcome to select any number in the above range that feels comfortable to you.

We encourage people to pay what feels good for the heart and right for the exchange. We strive to not let money be a barrier for learning. If you are living on the edge, you may write to us and we will craft an arrangement that works for the whole.

If you are economically comfortable and feel moved to contribute more, we appreciate your generosity that will help us share our gift with more people.