Programs Before 2020

Below are the programs we offered before 2020. Please contact us to find more about future offerings!

Voyage Into the Resonance Code, 6-week online course offered to participants worldwide

  • Voyage Into the Resonance Code offered an introduction to the maps and fundamental practices of Resonance Code. In this program, 27 participants from four countries (USA, Canada, Netherlands and China) explored how to engage with one’s psyche as a “resonator” with the Inter-Being, the web of inter-connectivity around us. Read more

Inner Climate Lab, 6-week online course offered to participants worldwide

  • The climate crisis we experience in the outer environment is intricately connected with the political and social climates, which are reflections of psychological patterns and dynamics inside each one of us. We call these psychological patterns and dynamics the Inner Climate. Read more

Integrating I-Culture and WE-Culture – The Two Hemispheres of Collective Intelligence, presented to the City of Bellevue, Renton and Institute of Transformative Leadership Network.

  • This workshop led the participants to experience I-Culture and We-culture, both cultural patterns and internal modes of awareness. They are like the left and right hemispheres of brain. Read more

Resonance – Acupuncture Treatment for Climate Change, presented on 2019 Climate Change and Consciousness Conference at Findhorn, Scotland

  • This workshop gives an experiential introduction to Resonance Leadership, a framework derived from Taoism and acupuncture. Read more