Changing the Inner Climate – Ashland Oregon

Fri Mar 27, 7 – 9pm, Sat Mar 28, 10 am – 5 PM,

Sun Mar 29, 10 am – 5 pm, Follow-up Videoconference Call in Mid April

Ashland,  OR

(Exact address will be available to those who complete the registration.)

You are invited to join us in one of the following free Information Seminars:

Thursday Feb 27, 4 – 5:30 pm, Pacific Time

Sat Mar 14, 10 – 11:30 am, Pacific Time

We are living in a time of profound chaos and uncertainty: climate change, failing political structures, societal collapse and ecological crisis. At the same time, these conditions are propelling humans to further evolve. We are called to develop new ways of seeing, being and knowing so that we can serve as conduits through which Mother Earth may express new order of life.

The Resonance Code is a rebirth of the Taoist classic, I Ching, one of the oldest Earth-based cosmologies. Taoism teaches that qi, the felt-sense of resonance, connects our body to the larger body of Mother Earth. In Chinese, climate literally translates as patterns of qi. From this perspective, the constellation of beliefs, thoughts, unconscious drives and emotions in our psyche gives rise to our inner climate. The climate change we experience in the outer world mirrors and corresponds to the patterns of the inner climate.

The Resonance Code teaches practices to engage with the inner climate. Through this practice, we will cultivate awareness and agency to resonate with Inter-Being, the subtle energetic that weaves together all life forms, past, present or future. This will enable us to respond most creatively to the crisis of our time.

This workshop will teach foundational practices of the Resonance Code. We will

· Learn the basics of the Resonance Code, a language depicting 64 energetic patterns underpinning the evolution of consciousness

· Perform an inquiry into an area of our lives where we desire abundance, creativity and flow.

· Experience Feelingwork, an awareness practice to compost the climate-related trauma and grief into fuel for transformation

· Develop the foundations for a community of practice that may continue after the workshop

Workshop Fees

  • $249 – $350
  • Scholarship available upon request. Please download the following application form and send it back at