Payment – Resonance Path Community

Suggested monthly dues: $20 – $200+. Payment will be collected every four months.

Why such big range? Because we value diversity. Diversity is the key to keep a community alive. Therefore, we are making our membership to people with a diverse range of economic means.

You may choose your monthly dues taking into account both your economic situation and participation level. If you are someone who has means, we ask you to consider paying forward for those who may not be able to afford paying the average cost in order to keep this community alive.

Please also monitor your payment according to your own participation level. If you haven’t been involved much, just hanging around and checking out the conversations, feel free to reduce the amount. If you are attending facilitated group discussions through zoom calls, we ask you to contribute more to acknowledge the labor involved.

We would like to ask you to consider another factor when you make your monthly contribution. We are working on the cutting edge of a domain of human knowledge. To keep the quality of this work where it is right now, we choose to spend a significant amount of our time and energy doing research and exploration outside the scope of money economy. This means that we are constantly putting ourselves into the unknown. Part of our practice is to live modestly so we can give ourselves the freedom to explore. We would very much appreciate the financial support from you if you recognize the value of our work.

Whatever amount you contribute, you have our wholehearted appreciation!