Mist and Mountain Series

Onsite at Presence Studio in Bellingham

What past participants say about Dancing Tao:

Spring is not only teaching movement, she is also teaching Taoism through somatic transmission.

In the misty-clouds-in-the-mountain practice, I suddenly recognize how predominant my will is in my habitual movements. Through the practice I was being reminded of how wonderful it is when my will is not in charge.

I feel more wispy and moist, and more spacious solidity.

Spring slows things down, narrating the philosophy and working behind each single movement. Then she gave us 10 minutes to practice. As the body sinks into the repetitiveness, the mind quiets down and the habitual self-will drops. The body’s intrinsic intelligence naturally kicks in. I appreciate it very much.

I have been doing improvisation dance for four years. But with Dancing Tao, by slowing down and reducing my movement to minimal, I notice the richness in even a simple gesture. This is a new territory for me!

I studied qigong for many years. After the first Dancing Tao, I experienced a paradigm shift. I suddenly become aware of the interconnectedness of everything. Now when I do a movement, I become curious: is there a dialogue between different parts of my body? Even when I was walking with my dog, I become aware of their movement, not just my intention, and how my movement is impacting their walk and how their walk is impacting mine? A whole paradigm awakening.

Through Spring’s teaching, I gained a new way of experiencing and learning about my body, mind and all of our interconnectedness.