Earth Song: Music, Storytelling and Community Gathering

Music, Story-telling and Community Gathering, A fundraiser for Presence Studio

Date: Sunday, Sept 11, 2022. Time: 6pm – 8:30pm

Location: Presence Studio, 1412 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, WA

Suggested Donation: $20: Welcoming-all-sliding-scale: $5 – $100

Meet Spring Cheng as she shares her personal story illustrating Earth Song, the power of vulnerability in the face of darkness. A native Chinese living in Bellingham, Spring is a songwriter, dancer and teacher/coach supporting people to embody wholeness. Having been a PhD biologist and acupuncturist, Spring integrated her past through creating The Resonance Code, a bridge between Taoist wisdom and modern science.

The Existential Bards will present music created with sacred texts from both east and west. They will invite the audience to participate in a co-creative process that opens us all as vessels to receive the Earth Song – love and acceptance from our shared origin: Earth Mother.